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What is a concurrent slot?

A concurrent slot is an additional launch you may send from our service. This is a separate launch than the original one, and can be used against two separate source destinations or source port. This is helpful when identifying the weaknesses of different running services on a network.

What does it mean when the network is under "heavy load"?

This indicates that at the current time, there's a large amount of launches being distributed from our service. This is usually displayed during peak times where we are handling an upwards of more than 40 launches at once. This message indicates that there's a possibility that your launch may be delayed or that we may not be able to fulfill the fullest capacity that your subscription calls for.

Additionally, our service is always expanding our resources to prevent any diminished service quality for our members.

What is "Slot Usage" on the Launch page?

This is applicable to all members who own an additional concurrent slot. This allows our members to utilize their additional concurrent slots without sending a launch twice, with less clicks and in a more convenient manner.

What are "Available" "Running" and "Scheduled"?

Available indicates the amount of free space on our network to handle your launch. If this number is above 6, then it's safe to assume your launch will be handled accordingly with no issue. When this number is limited, there's always a chance your launch may be handled by a very heavy loaded server and be diminished in quality.

Running indicates the amount of loads on our network. If the amount is high, you will see a notification informing you of the heavy load on our resources and this could result in your launch being delayed or diminished in quality.

Scheduled launches are launches that were launched during a time where our resources were absolutely incapable of handling the launch and put into a pending queue which will immediately process the launch as soon as there is availability on our network.

Which method should be utilized?

There is no go to answer for this question. All amplification methodologies will distribute launches in different payloads and some networks will respond differently to them individually. In each scenario of load launching, you should navigate through all of the available methods.

Are there any risks?

No risks at all. Everything is in a user controlled environment where you may choose the duration and terminate a launch whenever you'd like.

What equipment powers your network?

After establishing a large reputation in our industry, we've been able to securely seal agreements with data centers to maintain stable connectivity and uplink our on servers without any interruptions. Our average machine that powers our service is an E3-1270 with up to 1 Gigabit uplink port.

How long has this service been online?

We pride ourselves on being the longest active network load tool on the Internet. We have been online providing our services since 2011 with no interruptions.

How do launches work?

Our launches are powered by hardware that we own. We house them in data centers that have contracted agreements with us to provide us premium bandwidth and port connectivity. We have crafted these contracts based around the purpose of our business, provided network load testing. These data centers do their best to provide us unlimited transfer, 1 Gigabit ports and connectivity 24/7.

The way launches work may be based off of several different payloads and recursive amplification methodologies. These launches will be directed to an available dedicated server we have connected to our service and the server will do the rest. As the member, you are free to terminate, pause, extend and change your launch at any time all from inside our panel software.

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