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What is abuse?

We identify abuse as any sort of outgoing launch sent from a member of our service where the member does not have permission to do. We run a large load testing service, so we aren't capable of identifying each of our members to verify their activities with our service, so we are susceptible to abuse.

We do our utmost best to protect against our service from being used the way it wasn't intended. We have staff teams who will routinely check any member and their activity, we have safe guards developed directly into our software for our systems to detect and identify abuse before it gets out of hand.

To be clear, our service is not designed for any sort of abuse. We do not condone this activity, and our service has been used by hundreds of small to medium sized companies to launch against their own infrastructures and networks to improve their stability, firewalls and defense against denial of service attacks.

Please refer to our "How do I report abuse" entry to help us combat abuse.

How do I report abuse?

Firstly, thank you very much for helping us combat abuse. We do our best, but it's not possible to actively monitor our network due to its large size. Our system administrators do their best to prevent it, our software has built in safe guards to even help, but still it gets through.

For all abuse reports, we kindly ask for as much information as you can provide. Some things we do require to be able to accurately identify the abuse, such as any IPv4/IPv6 addresses that are involved. If you are able to provide any additional information, such as time stamps, source ports and anything else you deem informative, please do include it.

Support Ticket System
Our recommended way to report abuse to us is by registering an account on our website (registration is free) and simply navigating to our Support Requests and filing one through there. Our staff team will promptly review your support request and handle any issues you may have.

Obviously it's not ideal to have to create an account on our website. We get that, so we're totally fine with taking abuse reports via our abuse e-mail address [email protected].

We don't have any alternative sources of communication that we deem approved to communicate abuse reports through. We'd like to thank you again for wanting to help better our service. Please allow 1-2 business days for a formal response.

What steps are taken to prevent abuse?

Our platform software has hidden safe guards developed into it to help detect and prevent abuse from originating from our network. We've developed a smart system discovery technique which was developed to determine if the destination belongs to the sender or not. We have a very detailed blog post here describing our history and our stance against misuse of our service.

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