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Do you work directly with companies?

As a well known name in the network load testing industry, we've had a large number of clients that are network system administrators for companies small to medium sized. These companies sometime prefer to implement our technology directly into their own platform instead of utilizing our web panel, in which our endpoint API comes in handy.

We work directly with hundreds of companies from game server hosting, web hosting, eCommerce platforms and much more. All companies interested in working with our endpoint API can get directly in touch with [email protected]. All companies will be assigned dedicated internal nodes, endpoint API access and a personal account manager to easily guide through any process.

For all company deals, we also provide bulk discounts.

How do I contact Quantum Stress?

We have a convenient contact form on our home page.

Alternatively, you may opt to:
E-mail us: [email protected]
Call us: (343) 700-9341
Write Us
115 Albert Street, Suite #200
Ottawa, Ontario K1P 1A5

What is the size of your company?

As previously explained on our company blog, our current size of our staff team is quite limited. We have one full time customer service representative and one full time software developer. They both handle the load of our service, and in the future we will be hiring additional staffers to further our quality.

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