"Quantum Stresser"/"Quantum Stress" Terms of Use/Service

Terms of Service

Last modified: April 25th, 2017
These Terms of Service ("Terms") govern the use and access of our services. By using our Service, You ("Member") agree to be bound by these Terms of Service.
Our services and website ("Service") offered by Quantum Stress & Load Testing ("Quantum Stress", or "Us") and its partners are subject to this Terms of Service.

(1) Membership

(a) Quantum Stress offers Membership free of charge.
(b) Membership is required to log in and access our Service and additional features which require Membership.
(c) Membership will not grant access to all of our content. Some content will require a Premium Membership to unlock the content.
(d) Membership is nontransferrable and Quantum Stress reserves the right to terminate any existing Membership at any time.

(2) Purchases

(a) To place a purchase for our Service, you are required to hold an active Membership. After purchase, you will be granted Premium Membership on our Service.
(b) Some functionality of our Service will not be usable until Premium Membership payments have been processed.
(c) Premium Membership expiration date is determined immediately after Quantum Stress systems have processed your purchase.
(d) Once Service expiration date (not applicable to permanent memberships) has been reached, your Premium Membership will be revoked and the unlocked content will return to locked.
(e) Disputes or reversals of Premium Membership payment will result in immediate termination of Membership.

(3) Payments

(a) Quantum Stress accepts payments in the form of Credit Card, PayPal™, CoinPayments and Amazon™ Payments.
(b) Quantum Stress reserves the right to deny any payment method at any given time without warning.
(c) All payments to Quantum Stress is final and are in according to our Section 4 Refunds.
(d) Credit card payments:
(d.1) All credit card payments are securely processed and handled on the Credit Card processor's PCI compliant secure servers and subject to their terms and conditions.
(d.2) Credit card payments are accepted from VISA, MasterCard, American Express and Discover financial institutions.
(e) PayPal™ payments:
(e.1) PayPal payments are handled on PayPal's secured servers and subject to their terms and conditions.
(f) CoinPayments payments:
(f.1) CoinPayments payments are handled on CoinPayments secured servers and subject to their terms and conditions.
(f.2) CoinPayments payments are accepted through the means of crypto currencies (e.g: "Bitcoin", "Litecoin").
(g) Amazon™ Payments:
(g.1) Amazon Payments payments are handled on Amazon.com™'s secured servers and are subject to their terms and conditions.

(4) Refunds

(a) Refunds for our Service are only granted after the request for refund has been reviewed and approved by Quantum Stress.
(b) Refund requests are only eligible within first 24 hours following Service activation date.
(c) All payments through any crypto currencies are ineligible for refund.
(d) All approved refunds can take up to 7 business days to completely fulfill.

(5) Access of Service

(a) We do our best to ensure our uptime, we are not liable for any reason that our Service is unavailable at any time.
(b) Access to our Service may be terminated at any point without notice.
(c) Our Service and tools therein are provided as is.

(6) Launches

(a) All load test launches provided from our Service are the sole responsbility of the Member.
(b) All Members must only perform launches against bandwidth operators they have:
(b.1) Legal obligation to, whether in contract or employment.
(b.2) Received explicit notarized permission in the form of written paperwork to perform these sort of launches against.
(b.3) Ensured all loss of revenue and loss of profit is completely prevented.

(7) Liability

(a) In no circumstance shall Quantum Stress, or any of Our partners be held liable for any incidence, damages or consequences due to the use of our Service.
(b) You hereby acknowledge that Quantum Stress and Our partners are not to be held responsible for any claim or damages resulting from use of our Service.
(c) You agree to indemnify, defend and hold Quantum Stress and partners, staff and affiliations harmless from any liability, losses, claims and expenses.

(8) Acceptable Use

(a) By agreeing to this Terms of Service, You hereby acknowledge that you have read and agree to our following acceptable use clauses:
(a.1) Our Acceptable Use applies to our entire Service provided on our website.
(a.2) For quality purposes, we actively monitor all Member usage to prevent excessive and abusive use.
(a.3) You are prohibited to divulge your login credentials to any individual.
(a.4) You fully agree to our Section 6 Launches, and agree to not use our Service in any malicious or mischief intent.

(9) Privacy Policy

(a) By agreeing to this Terms of Service, You hereby acknowledge that You have reviewed and agreed to our Privacy Policy.

Please forward any questions or comments regarding our Terms of Service via e-mail to [email protected]